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Screw Barrel Removal Steps

Author:SGT Source:SGT Date: 2019-11-12
We need to pay more attention to some details of the disassembly steps when disassembling the screw barrel to prevent unnecessary damage to the injection molding machine equipment and the screw barrel during the disassembly process. . The screw manufa


We need to pay more attention to some details of the disassembly steps when disassembling the screw barrel to prevent unnecessary damage to the injection molding machine equipment and the screw barrel during the disassembly process. . The screw manufacturer below will explain the disassembly steps of the screw barrel for everyone.

   Pay attention when tightening the barrel head bolts:

    1. It is necessary to use high-quality bolts of strength grades 12 and 9. Apply a heat-resistant grease (such as MoS2) to the threaded surface of the bolt.

    2. Tighten the diagonal bolts evenly, each time several times.

    3. Use the appropriate torque. It is best to use a torque wrench.

    4. Finally tighten all the bolts.

    5. If the bolts of the heating cylinder head are tightened too tightly, the thread may be damaged, but if it is too loose, it may leak.

1. Prepare before removing the screw barrel

    1. Before the disassembly, the mold should be removed first, the mold is opened to the maximum, and the mold is adjusted to the maximum. The screw can be taken out from the mold opening area.

    2. Resins such as polycarbonate (PC) and hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) will stick to the screw and heating barrel when cooled. In particular, polycarbonate, if not carefully removed, will damage the metal appearance. If these resins are used, they should be cleaned with a cleaning material such as polystyrene (PS) or polyethylene (PE), which is easy to clean and disassemble the screw. (refers to a few times on the air with polystyrene, etc.)

    3. Empty the material in the barrel and keep the temperature of the barrel. The temperature of the front barrel can be properly improved to facilitate the removal of the front barrel screws.

    4、Prepare 4 or 5 wood or steel rods (diameter < diameter of the screw) × (length < injection molding) for the ejection screw.

    5, waste cotton wool or rags.

    Second, shift

    1. Mainframe

    Process 1: Use the selection switch of the injection molding equipment to retract the injection molding equipment until it stops.

    Procedure 2: Remove the guide carrier fastening bolts.

    Process 3: Remove the cylindrical pin that connects the screed cylinder to the front plate of the ejector so that the two are separated.

    Process 4: Using the device on the non-operator side, the special cylinder on the surface of the fuselage is pushed, and the needle holder is pushed to the operator to roll, which can satisfy the smooth exit of the screw and the barrel, and pay attention not to stretch the wire and the hose. Too tight.

    Operation process:

    (1) Select 50% system pressure through the operation panel and select 30% system flow.

    (2) Remove the protective cover of the operating valve around the special cylinder.

    (3) Push the handle forward by hand, the cylinder will slowly push the needle holder, roll toward the operator until the proper orientation, and then return the handle to the neutral position.

    (4) When the needle holder needs to be returned, the handle can be pulled back.

    2, medium machine

    Process 1: Same as the mainframe.

    Procedure 2: Remove the adjustment bolts for the horizontal orientation of the nozzle and the fastening bolts for the guide support.

    Process 3: Remove the adapter screed cylinder and the cylindrical pin of the front plate of the shooting table to separate the two.

   Process 4: Select 50% system pressure through the operation panel, 30% system flow rate, press the seat back button, and use the full shift cylinder to roll the needle holder to the operating side to the appropriate orientation.

    Third, the piece is broken

    Process 1: The temperature of the heated barrel is heated to near the melting temperature of the resin and then the heater is turned off.

    Process 2: Lower the injection speed and injection pressure; reduce the injection speed and pressure with multi-stage injection molding to nearly zero.

    Process 3: The screw (injection piston) is fully stroked back to its original position.

    Process 4: Discharge the cartridge head and nozzle.

    Procedure 5: Remove the other parts connected to the screw and place the screw retaining ring bolts and other bolts differently to avoid mixing.

    Fourth, the screw is removed

    Process 1: Take a rod with an outer diameter slightly smaller than the length of the screw diameter, and place the end face of the screw with the shot

    Between the back panels of the table, hold the wood with a clamp (do not use your hands),

    Process 2: Jog the needle action button to advance the screw and remove the clamp together.

    Process 3: After the injection action is moved forward, the action of the injection is retracted, so that the rear plate of the shooting platform is returned to the whole process.

    Process 4: Pad a second stick. The process 1 to 3 process is repeated.

    The screw is overheated and do not touch the mold with bare hands. After the large screw is about 1/2 length, it is fastened with a sling and the hook is good, so that the screw is safely off the barrel.

    Process 7: The screw should be placed on a wooden block or wooden frame to avoid damage. When placed for a long time, it should be hung vertically to avoid bending deformation.

    V. Unpacking the barrel

    Procedure 1: Remove the heating cartridge from the full heating coil and remove the hot wire bracket if necessary.

    Procedure 2: Unscrew the large nut that secures the barrel to the front plate of the stage.

    Process 3: Hanging the barrel,

    Process 4: Jog the screw back action button to return the back plate of the shooting table.

    Process 5: Puncture the wood between the rear plate of the shooting table and the rear end of the barrel, and clamp the rod with a clamp. Do not use your hands to prevent risk.

    Process 6: With a low injection speed and pressure, an injection action occurs and the barrel is pushed forward.

    Process 7: After the whole process of the cylinder is moved forward, the jog action is jogged, and the rear plate of the shooting platform is returned again.

    Process 8: The process 5 to 7 actions are repeated.

    Process 9: The lifting height should be slightly adjusted after nearly half of the barrel cooperation length has been pushed out of the front plate.

    Process 10: Repeat the process 5 to 7 to make the heating cartridge completely separate from the needle holder. At this moment, it is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that the feeding cylinder should not be cold.

    Procedure 11: After the heated cartridge has been removed, it should be placed where the next step is undisturbed.

    Device attention matters

   1. Evenly apply heat-resistant grease (such as MoS2) to the thread of the bolt and the rib surface of the screw head to prevent high temperature rust.

    2. Screw type recognition.

    3. Pay attention to the direction when the device stops the reverse ring. The direction of double chamfering (large chamfering) should be in the direction of the screw so as to feed when storing.

    4. Pay attention to the cooperation gap between the anti-reverse ring and the barrel. The anti-reverse ring grinding should be matched to the smaller 0, 08-0, 10MM gap than the barrel.

    5. Note that the screw head tightening direction is counterclockwise. (anti-ribbing)

    6, the front barrel screw must be symmetrical and even.

   7. The cooling system of the barrel should be cleaned to ensure a smooth flow. Pay attention to the correct use of the raw material tape and wrap it around the process screw plug.

    8, the device inlet and outlet joints and water test, 0,8Mpa pressure does not leak.

    9, heating ring device to pay attention to:

    A, the core is not exposed

    B, the plastic skin is not compacted

   C, porcelain joint screw is not high and flat

    D, the direction of the electric heating device is generally about 45 degrees downwards

    E. Pay attention to the heating coil arrangement and do not interfere with the protective cover

    F, the screw is tightened.

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